Digital Printing

Digital Printing

Speed. Quality. Price.

Conventional wisdom says you can pick any two from the three, but you can’t have them all. With the combination of our print expertise and our HP Indigo 7 Colour Press, we can break the rules – just for you!

Our HP Indigo 7 Colour Press gives you exceptional litho quality results using liquid ink technology. It’s the only digital printing that gets really close to litho.

The ink forms a very thin smooth layer on the paper, ensuring the printed image doesn’t mask the underlying texture. It’s this that brings Indigo printing closer in appearance to litho, where ink is actually absorbed into the paper.

For constantly changing literature such as letters, mailings and other direct mail, variable data printing on the HP Indigo 7 Colour Press can personalise your text and imagery – resulting in a unique document for each of your recipients.

We can print on paper and board from 80gsm up to 400gsm as well as many other substrates such as PVC and synthetic paper! The potential for digital printing is enormous. The only limit is your imagination.

Unhappy with the way your design/artwork looks? No problem. We even offer a full creative service including design and photography.

Best of all, you can upload everything to our FTP portal, just upload your files safely and securely and leave the rest to us.

Print4UK – truly your partners in print.

For more information contact us on 020 3021 3321 or email hello@print4uk.com

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