Sometimes the look of a fantastic design isn’t quite enough. It could be greatly improved by being tactile, something more than just the texture of the paper or card stock being printed on. That’s where blind embossing and de-bossing come in.

Blind Embossing produces a raised image with a 3-D effect that can be both seen and felt. In a similar way, blind de-bossing creates an indentation into the paper or card. It’s called ‘blind’ because it doesn’t depend on ink or metallic foil. It adds class to a flat design and, depending how it’s used, can be subtle or highly dynamic.

Not sure how to make your design work with blind embossing or de-bossing? Let Print4UK advise you.

The only limitation is your imagination! And remember that Print4UK also offers a full design service .

Best of all, you can upload everything to our FTP portal, just upload your files safely and securely and leave the rest to us.

Print4UK – truly your partners in print

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