Well, they do sometimes and if you identify yourself as a premium brand offering premium products and service, how can you best promote this to convince your audience to pay more when there are lower cost alternatives just around the corner?

Apple understands this. Just look at their packaging which forms part of their brand experience and even though their products are digital, they still see the value in print. Marketing collateral will often be the first point of contact for potential new business, and it’s the tactile nature of print that truly reveals premium, giving you that edge over your competitors that can only be a good thing.


As well as demonstrating the premium quality, printed collateral has other benefits too including being recognised as having a longer shelf life over digital marketing which is probably more relevant today than ever given the plethora of traffic coming into your inbox, whereas the high-quality piece of printed collateral that you have just received in your hand requires you to take a moment away from your screen to take in the visual and tactile nature of the marketing piece and being physical, you’re far more likely to want to pick it up again.


Quality designed and printed collateral adds the finishing touch to your collateral and will ensure you maximise the ROI potential from your printed marketing. And to ensure we deliver this, Print4UK choose HP as their print partner, recognised within the industry to deliver class-leading digital print and it’s the reason why Print4UK continue to partner and invest in HP with their latest state of the art HPIndigo 7900 series three, giving peace of mind to our clients that their printed marketing will be working very hard to truly promote and deliver their premium credentials.

To put the premium into your marketing, please drop me a line for more details – Simon.Saunders@print4uk.com

About the author

Simon Saunders

Business Development & Sales Manager

A self-starter and business professional with more than 25 years’ experience in business management. Simon possesses skills and experience in Graphic Design, Print Production, Events, Media and Exhibition Sales as well as the disciplines to set up and run an SME. Simon has worked with major clients such as: Aon, Braun UK, Breast Cancer Campaign, The House of Commons, The House of Lords, GSP Events, HSBC, Jewish Care, Rolls Royce and Webershandwick.


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