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HP Indigo Digital Art

A few weeks ago we received our copy of digital printer in the mail, we were intrigued by the front cover and wanted to find out more, so I headed over to the “digital printer” website and found this article and thought it would be a good idea to share this blog which shows the capabilities of our HP Indigo Digital Printer:

Creativity is at the heart of the print industry, however, the relationship between creatives and printers has often been a distant one. With some creatives producing concepts that in the past had not been feasible for a printer to produce efficiently, printers were having to curb the enthusiasm of creatives, resulting in a less than perfect product.

Recent innovations in digital print have changed the landscape and have now created a playing field, allowing creatives to be even more creative with their work. HP Indigo has led the way in both colour and digital design tools innovation.

Last year, fluorescent pink was introduced to the HP Indigo ElectroInk range. The ink was a huge success and feedback has led to a further three fluorescent inks being introduced. We are delighted to now have Yellow, Green and Orange in the portfolio. As with the Pink ink, due to their fluorescent nature, under UV light, they glow in the dark. Why not try it out with your copy of Digital Printer?

HP 2

HP Indigo fluorescent ink glows under UV light

HP Indigo ElectroInk boasts the widest colour gamut in digital production. It is the only Pantone-licensed six and seven colour on-press solution in digital printing, allowing users to produce highly accurate Pantone emulations on-press. Off-press colour mixing also allows users to extend their spot-colour offerings and deliver accurate brand colour matching. HP Indigo users can cover up to 97% of the Pantone range with the HP IndiChrome off-press solution. Of course, we are working on the other 3%.

Digitally Printed Art

The design and production of this special HP Indigo edition cover of Digital Printer is a unique example of how HP Indigo technology is enabling print service providers to do more than just sell ink on paper. The cover, produced by FE Burman, was the creation of their unique selling style of opening a dialogue with the creative, rather than simply taking the order.

David Shillinglaw is a British artist whose folk-inspired work depicts human faces and the thoughts that rush around in our brains; it can be found in his murals and his various books such as The Dance of 1000 Faces. Earlier this year, David collaborated with Silas Amos and FE Burman on a creation that would enable David’s art to be produced and sold not as a ‘limited edition’, but rather as an ‘unlimited edition’, with David’s faces taking centre stage, splitting the work into a triptych and rearranging the position of the visual elements. By creating just a small number of each element, FE Burman utilised HP’s SmartStream Designer software to create countless unique 1/1 prints of David’s work. 

For more information about David’s work visit his website, davidshillinglaw.co.uk where you can purchase unique A2 HP Indigo prints.

Making art pop!

For the November 2017 edition of Digital Printer, the idea was put to David to push the boundaries further with the introduction of the new HP Indigo fluorescent inks. Using the original elements and simply replacing the colours with the new Yellow, Orange and Green fluorescent inks, the work came to life!

HP DP cover

The November 2017 cover of Digital Printer magazine

Paul Regan, Director at FE Burman commented: ‘We have seen many examples of HP Mosaic and variable data printing in the world of labels and packaging in recent years, but it is one area that many commercial printers seem to shy away from. At FE Burman, we love to engage with our customers and get involved in each project with them in order to understand their objective. It is our responsibility to educate and inspire them as to what digital print really can do. The addition of the new fluorescent inks was the icing on the cake with this project and we are delighted with the end result.’ 

For this edition of Digital Printer, FE Burman produced over 8000 unique 1/1 David Shillinglaw prints, meaning every cover has its own unique face. We hope you like yours! Why not share it on social media, using #myHPface?

The Canvas

All art needs a canvas and digitally printed art is no different. In order to show the cover in its best light, we collaborated with Antalis to use Conqueror CX22 i-Tone Diamond White 320gsm. Conqueror is recognised as the superior choice for business and creative communications, making it the perfect canvas for David’s art. 

Emma Oliver, Creative Papers Product Marketing Manager at Antalis commented: ‘Now with a selection of digital papers specially optimised for printing on HP Indigo presses, our products benefit from the i-Tone treatment which has been developed to produce outstanding print quality and image rendering with immediate ink drying. We are delighted to have collaborated with HP Indigo and FE Burman on this fantastic project.’ 

Why not share your unique David Shillinglaw HP Indigo print using #myHPface. 

Visit www.hp.com/uk/indigo for more information or call Andy Pike, UK&I Marketing Manager for HP Indigo on 07721236518.

Many Thanks to Digital Printer for this Inspiring Blog. Source

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