HP Indigo One-Shot Colour Technology

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HP Indigo One-Shot Colour Technology

If you’ve read my last blog, you’ll know I’m new to this industry. That’s why I put together my jargon buster. But some things need more than a few words to explain what they are. So I have a few blogs lined up, to explain all this crazy jargon, for example, short run printing, prospectus printing, etc.

Take one-shot technology. Now, whilst I had an idea as to what it might be all about, I wanted to know more about it and why the team get so excited about it. So, I did some digging and here is what I found.One-shot technology allows our operators to produce the highest-quality, accurate and repeatable prints. And it’s an exclusive feature of HP Indigo Digital presses.

In simple terms, digital and litho printing methods print colour in layers. These methods are still superb for lots of materials for lots of reasons. We’re not suggesting for one second that everything has to be printed with one-shot technology.But because one-shot technology consists of a ‘blanket’ where the colours are assembled ready to be transferred onto the substrate (that’s just a posh word for whatever it is you’re printing onto – whether it’s paper, card, or an acetate), the colour transfer is ‘dry’. The advantage to that? No drips or imperfections. Every copy is perfect from the first to last print.

There are two applications where we think it really comes into its own. The first is when you’re printing on a material that’s delicate – as one-shot technology reduces the chances of damage, scratches and paper stretching.

It’s also totally brilliant when it comes to printing photos. One-shot technology makes for exceptionally tight registration, so you can be certain for really sharp photos and provides exceptional quality prints for our short run printing. It’s a bit like HD for TV, but in print! Great for when we’re dealing with heat sensitive materials as it prevents registration issues, with no trapping required. One-shot technology works in perfect harmony with the short run printing that the HP Digital Press Provides.

And that’s one-shot technology for you. I hope it’s much clearer now But, as always, if you’ve got any questions… you know where we are.

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