Let’s talk booklets…

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Let’s talk booklet printing…

When it comes to booklet printing, we know a thing or two about it at Print4UK.

Let’s start with why you might want to produce a booklet as opposed to a brochure. The truth of the matter is you even need both. A brochure is more of an ‘at a glance’ marketing tool. A ‘hook’, if you like. It grabs your audience’s attention and makes them want to find out more. In many instances, a brochure is more than sufficient.

However, sometimes, things need a little more explaining. A booklet allows you to do that without rushing your reader. It allows you to weave more of a story, showing your customer what it is your offering, as opposed to telling them. That’s why booklets have many uses. Beyond a marketing tool, booklet printing lends itself to many other formats – from events guides to novellas and educational support materials to colouring books!

Don’t be fooled though. Booklet printing is an art. Just because you’ve got more pages, doesn’t mean you can cram information in any old how. No matter what its content, it needs to reflect and support your brand (we’ve got more on that here).

Yet thanks to the advances in digital printing, printing booklets has never been more affordable.

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