Keeping everything crossed – we’ve been nominated for a Print, Design and Marketing Award 2017!

Now, we’re not one to blow our own trumpets, but when someone else recognises your work for being worthy of a nomination for a prestigious Print, Design and Marketing Awards 2017, what’s the harm in spreading the good news? Not least because it gives me the chance to tell the team that I’m proud of them and what they’re doing.

We hope, as you’re reading this, you already know a little bit about us and what we’re trying to achieve – which, in short, is to help our customers (large and small) create web and print-based products that strengthen their market position, enhance their brand and drive customer loyalty, after all, it’s your marketing collateral that will be the first touch point to both your existing and potential clients and so we recognised the importance and value that you place in creating the right impression at every opportunity.

Our commitment is such, that we’re always looking at investing in the technology to help support our ambitions and improve the service we can offer. And as we work hard to be better, and to do better, we’d be doing our customers a disservice if we didn’t let them know just how that can help them.

It’s why we gave our website a complete overhaul. We wanted to update our customers as to the cutting-edge HP7900 3rd generation digital printer we’d recently purchased and to show them the kind of competitive edge this technology can give them.

And, to help elevate that to the next level, (and as Easter was upon us), we sent out a little chocolate treat direct marketing piece to entice them to find out more.

It’s been a great way to start 2017. And it’s even nicer when someone else takes notice of your efforts and recognises your work by meriting it with a nomination for Best Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign.

Yet as nice as it would be to win (which we’ll find out on Thursday 29th June 2017 aboard the Silver Sturgeon on the Thames – a very nice way to spend a Thursday lunchtime), we really are genuinely pleased at making the short-list.

But never fear, we’ll be sure to post an update on who won what, so watch this space.  And if you could keep everything crossed for us, that would be nice too.

About the author

Chris Brady

Joint Managing Director

Chris has over 18 years’ experience in the print trade and is a digital printing specialist. He started work at GB Litho in 1995, becoming a qualified Mac Operator and progressing through to Studio Manager. He joined Turnpike Press in 2001 as Studio & Pre Press Manager with a brief to update the company’s pre press technology and streamline the daily production throughput. At Print4UK, Chris is responsible for digital & pre press, liaising with clients in regards to sales, production and any technical queries that arise.


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