Printed Wall & Window Clings

Printed Wall & Window Clings – HP Indigo

Using our revolutionary new ‘Clings’ material you can now turn any surface into a display!

Uniquely, Clings is an electro-statically charged, printed film that, once you remove the backing paper, clings on both sides to virtually any clean surface without the need for tape, pins or other fixing material.

Gone are the days of leaving ugly holes or marks on the walls of your office or meeting room, or your clients for that matter.

Clings will cling to brick, wood, plastic, metal, glass, marble, plaster, cardboard, vinyl and more! You can reposition it over and over again for up to 3 months (without it stretching or bubbling), it is erasable, it cannot easily be damaged and then it can be fully recycled (as can the backing paper).

It’s great for all different kinds of marketing uses, particularly for prolonged exposure, as well as direct mail campaigns, posters, inserts, and retail applications including short term signage projects or to refresh existing fixtures.

Just like ordinary paper, we can print Clings up to A3 in full colour and, if required, it can be fully personalised on our HP Indigo press.

Use Clings for your display material to gain the maximum impact for the minimum hassle!

Print4UK – truly your partners in print.


For more information contact us on 020 3021 3321 or email hello@print4uk.com

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