The so called demise of print has been talked about in marketing circles for some time now with the ever increasing role of on-line digital media becoming the default option. However, print should no longer be considered a competing alternative to digital. Instead, print has its own importance in the marketing tool kit with a number of advantages and benefits that on-line marketing just cannot compete with.

The big advantage that print has over digital is the touch factor, providing a tangible product from the company well before any direct interaction has taken place with your service or products, so immediately, your printed marketing is working hard for you. As humans, we can gauge the quality of something by touch. Print is tactile and when produced well, provides an instant sense of quality and a level of trust that cannot be offered by digital marketing and so increasing the chance of a positive engagement with your audience. Your printer should be able to advise you on the best way to maximise this advantage by the many papers and print finishes available today.

The Cost Factor
Today, print has become much more affordable thanks to Digital print. No longer do you have to pay for expensive set up costs or have to order thousands of pieces to get a low unit cost. Now, you can order print in small amounts to achieve a very low cost per unit, therefore cutting waste and preserving cash flow, avoiding the need to tie up cash in un-used boxes of print and of course space too! At Print4UK, many of our clients take advantage of this and will only order just fifty pieces of print per month or as their usage dictates. Print companies like Print4UK offer a Print-on-demand service, specifically designed to take advantage of this.

The Seamless link between your print and on-line presence
If print provides the best way to grab the attention of your audience, QR codes provide a seamless way of linking your printed marketing to your on-line presence. By adding a QR code to all your print including business cards and product brochures, you will maximise your marketing by giving your audience fast and easy access to your on-line presence. QR codes can be specified to take the reader to a dedicated webpage, promotion or even the simple act of adding a new contact straight to your smart phone, having simply scanned the code from a new contacts business card – great for networking meetings. Also, QR codes allow you measure user engagement, perfect when running multiple campaigns.

Simon SaundersBusiness Development Manager at Print4UK
(Print4Uk are one of London’s leading bespoke HP Indigo digital printers and finalist in the Design, Print and Marketing awards 2015).

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