The Leading Design Trends of 2018

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The Leading Design Trends of 2018

Here at Print4UK we are always keeping up with the latest trends. We love to come up with new ways to make our clients print look and feel that little bit more special. We came across this great blog and wanted to share it.

Trends in any creative industry are constantly changing. What was current in last year’s design world can look dated today. That doesn’t mean all design should look the same. However, choosing certain colours, styles, and fonts while avoiding others will help your marketing look very “2018”. So what’s in this year? It might not surprise you that like other creative mediums, design is going retro, with the design styles we’ll see across the UK design and trade print industry this year drawing inspiration from as far back as the 1920s.

Mid-century modern illustrations
Design and print from the 1930s to the mid-sixties typically featured bold art styles and illustrations. Interior and fashion designers have drawn inspiration from the work of this period for many years. In 2018 we’ll see graphic designers and marketers do the same. Many illustrators are producing work based on mid-century art and you can expect to see plenty of examples in this year’s marketing campaigns.

Retro-styled modern serif and wide sans-serif fonts
A recent resurgence in bold serif fonts will lead to designs that are reminiscent of advertising from the golden age of print. Extended sans serif fonts inspired by 1920s Italian typography will also be prevalent this year. Expect to see new coloured fonts like Neon and Memphis make an impact this year too.

Subtle moody colours and tones
The current popularity of the 1980s and 90s culture is clear to see in television, film, and music. This year you’ll see the design world follow suit. Modern digital printing allows much better reproduction of subtle colours and tones than ever. 2018 will see these colours used in graphics and in filters to add mood to photos and images.

Out of this world backgrounds and graphics
Ultra Violet was chosen as the 2018 Pantone Colour of the Year. Described as a “spiritual, cosmic hue of purple” the colour reflects the trend towards drawing inspiration from space and discovery. Pantones sees Ultra Violet as communicating originality, ingenuity, and optimism while Adobe are working alongside Pantone to champion the colour. That means we’ll certainly see more designs embrace Ultra Violet or similar colours to give the feel of space and tranquility


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